About Lev Avot

About Lev Avot


The "Lev Avot" organization was established with the aim of helping parents to cope optimally with the educational challenges posed by their children's adolescence. At "Lev Avot" we believe that adolescence is not a "penalty" but rather a blessing and a source of happiness to both parents and teenagers, when the biblical prophecy is realized: "And he will return the hearts of fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers” (Malachi 3:24).

Lev Avot" set itself a goal to empower parents of adolescents, by providing them with knowledge and effective tools for coping with difficulties of young teenage men and women (aged 12-18) in various spheres of life: academic, behavioral, familial (parent-children relations), educational and religious.

Many parents crave educational guidance from a rabbi or professional who will show them an initial educational direction. They do not always have at hand an available address which they can trust for receiving guidance and advice.

Hence the idea evolved for establishing a free hotline and website specifically for parents.

On the "Lev Avot" hotline, rabbis experienced in education and counseling professionals respond and give initial guidance to bewildered parents on questions relating to the education of their adolescent children.

The "Lev Avot" website contains a wealth of written material and video clips on educational subjects that concern parents of teenage boys and girls. The goal of the website is to encompass the full range of adolescent issues and present them in clear fashion to any parent.

At "Lev Avot" the perspective on adolescence is multi-disciplinary. For this reason, educators, rabbis and psychologists play a role in providing guidance and advice.

The "Lev Avot" organization is the educational initiative of Rabbi Elisha Aviner, who serves as its chairman.

Lev Avot gratefully acknowledges the support received from the Friedberg Foundation.

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